Course Philosophy

Consulting & Training Solutions have designed the Level 7 Diploma in Relationally Focussed Therapeutic Practice as a post-qualifying course for practicing counsellors who wish to extend and enrich their ways of practicing and to expand the theoretical frameworks and concepts that inform their current work.


N.B. Qualified counsellors with a level 4, 5 and 6 qualification are encouraged to apply - the course has been designed so that practitioners' practice experience is validated.  

It is a specialist course with a relational focus which draws on the latest research into what has been referred to as the common factors – 'the body of research that affirms that a core group of factors shared by all treatment approaches is responsible for change' [1] and which highlights the therapist and client-therapist relationship as key determinants of psychotherapy and counselling outcome. Most experienced practitioners will already know this and it is envisaged that those who join the course will appreciate being part of a learning group that embraces this relational focus. Practitioners will also be introduced to a coherent integration of concepts and techniques derived from systemic, relational psychodynamic and attachment methodologies that fit with relationally focussed practice and may be integrated with the practitioner's current theoretical modality.

It has been designed so that the 10 monthly 2 day teaching sessions may be slotted into practitioners' work schedules with a large proportion of the hours incorporating self-directed study with a minimum of 50 hours of supervised client work.

The course is accredited by CPCAB (Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body – and participants completing the diploma will receive a CPCAB awarded professional qualification at level 7.

CPCAB is a UK awarding body that is managed by professional counsellors, trainers and supervisors. They are in their 20th year of operation and are the only awarding body in Europe to specialise in the field of counselling. They are the foremost awarding organisation in counselling in the UK. CPCAB are approved by the Office of the Qualifications & Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) to offer qualifications on the QCF (Qualifications &Credit Framework).

CPCAB's model of practitioner training integrates common factors research findings into the structure and content of all the qualifications that it accredits and CPCAB have provided specialised support to Consulting & Training Solutions to develop this unique and exciting course.



[1] Duncan et al (2010, 28) In: Heart and Soul of Change - Delivering What works in Therapy eds Duncan, B., Miller, S., Wampold, B. and Hubble, M.